Staying The Weekend? Don’t Forget a Hostess Gift! (Smart Ideas Here)



Hostess Gifts For Weekend Stays


Planning a weekend stay at someone’s home means you’ll need to show up with an awesome, original hostess gift that reflects your good manners and thoughtfulness.

Of course, you would never show up empty-handed, but finding just the right item for your generous host may seem like mission impossible! 

You could always arrive with a bottle of wine or take your host(s) out for dinner, but with so many other options available, you know you can do better! If you truly want your gift to be remembered, surprise and delight the lady of the house (or gent) with something refreshingly different!

Remember that a gift for a host or hostess who is kind enough to accommodate you for one or more nights should be a step up from a dinner party gift. After all, more preparations will have to be made, including extra laundry, cleaning, and additional meals. And of course, if you will be staying longer than a weekend, consider stepping up your gift even further.

We’ve included plenty of original inspiration here to help you find the perfect gift that tells your hostess “I appreciate your hospitality.”


Special Hostess Gifts to Express Your Thanks


Handwoven Bread Basket With Terracotta Warming Stone

The Crabby Nook Bread Basket & Warming Stone


This handwoven Bread Basket and Warming Stone from The Crabby Nook provides a charming way to present warm bread, buns or other baked goods.

Simply heat the warming tile in the microwave for 2 minutes, and then place at the bottom of the basket; it will stay warm for about 45 minutes!

The basket is made from kaisa grass, a sustainable grass found in Bangladesh. 

The Crabby Nook hires a Fair Trade manufacturer in Bangladesh to produce these baskets, which provides economic opportunities for the artisans. 

The Crabby Nook also contributes to the support for women’s rights and educational assistance for students in that country.

Available in 4 colors, and 3 sizes, this set is sure to be used and enjoyed by your hostess. 

The Finer Things (Coffee Table Book)


The Finer Things by Christiane Lemieux


For the hostess or host that enjoys design and esthetics, pick up The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details by Christiane Lemieux.  

Christian Lemieux is founder of the lifestyle brand LEMIEUX et CIE. In 1999, she founded DwellStudio, which was purchased in 2013 by Wayfair, the world’s largest online home furnishings retailer. Lemieux is the author of Undecorate, which published to critical acclaim, and a judge on Ellen’s Design Challenge

In The Finer Things, Lemieux  provides an education in recognizing timeless pieces by interviewing the world’s greatest experts.  The gorgeous photos range from iconic examples from the past to dazzling new homes.  

This book is truly an adventure in fine décor.


Other Wonderful Coffee Table Books


For admirers of the ocean’s great diversity: The Life & Love of The Sea by Lewis Blackwell.


For the geography and history buff: History of the World – Map by Map


For the hostess who loves tea and entertaining: Tea Party by Tracy Stern – 20 themed tea parties with recipes for every occasion, from fabulous showers to intimate gatherings by Tracy Stern

And Speaking of Tea and Coffee …


Unique Lady Bug Cup, Saucer and Spoon Set

Lady Bug Cup and Saucer Set


This Lady Bug Cup and Saucer Set from Franz Porcelain is utterly beautiful and unique.  Your hostess will surely remember your gift for years to come! 

Franz Porcelain creates amazing colors with their underglaze decorating techniques; the quality of which is measurable by the fluid shading and reflective depth of color on each item.


Renaissance Mugs Gift Box With Bonus Tea


Renaissance Mug Set With Bonus Tea – Perfect For the Art Lover


Does your host or hostess love art and hot drinks?  If so, then this Set of 4 Renaissance Coffee or Tea Mugs from McIntosh Trading is just the thing to give!

This gift set comes with 4 rennaisance coffee or tea mugs and bonus a 6-pack of Early Grey pure ceylon tea bags, all in a matching, ready-to-give gift box.

The mug images include:

  • Michelangelo “Creation of Adam”
  • Davinci “Lady with Ermine
  • Botticelli “Birth of Venus” and
  • Raphael “Sistine Madonna”

Each  11 oz. mug is made of Fine Bone China.  They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Haws Indoor Watering Can

Haws Indoor Watering Can


Truly a classy choice for a host or hostess with plants, this Indoor Watering Can from Haws is the right choice.  This is an original John Haws design, created in 1886 in England.  

The copper is unvarnished, and will develop a beautiful patina over time.  

This distinctive piece has a removable brass oval rose for gently watering plants and seedlings.

The Indoor Watering Can is packaged in the iconic John Haws box, and will certainly make an impression on your patron.

Jean Dubost 3 Piece Cheese Set in “Marinere”

3 Piece Cheese Set from Jean Dubost


This stylish 3 Piece Cheese Set from Jean Dubost will surely be a hit for any host or hostess who enjoys serving cheese, tapas and charcuterie. 

Internationally renowned, the Laguiole Jean Dubost trademark is famous for the manufacture of a vast range of Laguiole items. 

The stainless steel blades are engraved with the famous Laguiloe signature, and the handles are designed in a charming nautical theme.  The set includes a cleaver, spreader, and a cheese knife.


Craft Cocktail Infusions (Non Alcoholic)

Southern Twist Craft Cocktail Infusions Deluxe Gift Set


This Southern Twist Craft Cocktail Infusions Deluxe Gift Set provide the perfect gift for a cocktail-loving host or hostess!

The set includes four 3.4 oz bottles of:

  • Ginger & Jalapeño (mix with tequila or vodka and ginger beer)
  • Bison Grass (wonderful with bourbon or rye)
  • Lavender & Vanilla (create a gin or vodka lavender martini, or mix with tequila)
  • Hibiscus & Mint (add to Champagne or sweet tea vodka and mint)

It also includes a 5 piece mixology kit:

  • 4-Prong Strainer
  • Jigger
  • Wooden Muddler
  • Mixing Glass
  • Shaker Tin

These non-alcoholic mixers are all natural and low calorie.

And Speaking of Cocktails …


Unique Cocktail Glasses

Blooming Martini Glass from MacKenzie-Childs


This Blooming Martini glass, available exclusively at MacKenzie-Childs is a sophisticated and opulent way to thank your hostess.

These unique glasses are made from mouth-blown Eastern European glass, with hand-painted Courtly Checks, Courtly Stripes, softly colored lusters, and hand-applied decals.


There are other styles of glasses and serveware in this stunning collection.


The style of these glasses is inspired by the traditional antique patterns from Stoke-on-Trent, home of the English pottery industry. 

Give your hostess two of these instead of treating everyone to an expensive steak dinner, and your gift will be appreciated and remembered!

Decorative Canister

Flower Market Enamel Canister from MacKenzie-Childs


This Large Canister in MacKenzie-Childs’ Flower Market pattern is a classy and versatile gift! 

Whatever your hostess likes to keep on hand will be beautifully housed in this stunning keep-all;  use it for everything from tea bags in the kitchen to cotton balls in the bathroom!


Many more Flower Market pieces are available at MacKenzie-Childs.


This eye-catching enamel canister is decorated with hand-applied fanciful botanical transfers that remind one of a lush English garden in the summertime. 

Manuka Honey

ONE Manuka Honey from Platinum Health


If your hostess is a cook or a foodie, they know how healthful and precious manuka honey is!

This 100% Pure Manuka Honey from ONE is certified 20+ genuine New Zealand Manuka.  Every batch of ONE Manuka is independently tested and certified by a government registered third-party lab.

ONE Manuka is a small, family owned business, known for by their excellent standards and reputation.



This potent brand of manuka honey is beautifully packaged in a glass flask.

And Speaking of Precious Food Items …


Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Oliviers & Co Il Fornacino Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Oliviers & Co had produced the much-coveted Il Fornacino, which has been selected as one of the 10 best olive oils in the world!

In 2016, Oliviers & Co won a gold medal with Il Fornacino at the New York International Olive Oil Competition. Purity and a long finish characterize this beautifully rich olive oil; it is an absolute pleasure on the palate!



Reviews are excellent for this oil, with purchasers saying it’s the perfect oil for finishing a dish, and well-worth the price.


One fan of Il Fonrnacino wrote:

“Nothing to compare to a regular olive oil – the taste is really good, well balanced, and very fresh.  I use it as a finishing oil on top of grilled fish, vegetables, toast, and salads. 

The design of the bottle is beautiful!!  Love to put it on the table when I have guests!”

Versatile Ceramic Decorative Vase


decorative vase for flowers
SageBrook Home Ceramic Vase


This high quality ceramic vase from Sagebrook Home will fit in beautifully with almost any type of decor.

It measures 12¼ inches x 12¼ inches by 22¼ inches.

Glass Tealight Holders (Set of 5)


SavorLiving’s Glass Tealight Holder Set


Does your hostess enjoy setting the ambiance with candles?  If the answer is yes, then this beautiful Set of 5 Glass Tealight Holders from SavorLiving is the gift to give!

These stunning mosaic-designed glass tealight candle holders cast a kaleidoscope of dancing color when a lit tealight is placed within them. 

Each holder measures 3.26 diameter, with a height of 2.67 inches.  


This tealight holder set is a terrific value!


This beautifully festive gift is sure to delight you hostess!

The manufacturer offers a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Brie Baker


Brie Cheese Baker from Petite Maison


If you’ve ever had baked brie, you know how utterly decadent and delicious it is!  And fortunately, this high-end delicacy is surprisingly simple to prepare.

Warm, velvety, decadently creamy baked Brie, is only three simple steps away:

  1. Preheat oven to 350° F (176° C).
  2. Slice top off a small Brie wheel and spread a generous amount of your choice of compote or jam.
  3. Place in baker, cover, and bake for 15 minutes or until gently softened and warmed throughout.

Serve with rustic chunks of baguette, crostini, fruit or crackers.



This ceramic baker can be used to bake Brie, Camembert, and other fine cheeses.  It also comes with a bamboo spreader.

This Petite Maison Brie Cheese Baker from Wildly Delicious makes a tasteful (pun intended) gift.  

It’s dimensions are 7.5 cm H x 19 cm diameter.


Farmhouse-Style Serving Tray


Colonial Tin Works’ Wood Plank Serving Tray


This Round Wood Plank Serving Tray from Colonial Tin Works is the perfect gift for a host or hostess who enjoys farmhouse style. 

This charmingly rustic serving tray has a natural wood base and an antiqued metal frame on 4 round supporting feet. 

This tray is perfect for serving food and drinks (you can use the metal side rails as carrying handles), or simply for organization and display.

Reviews are excellent for this tray, with many purchasers commenting on its beauty and quality workmanship. 

The dimensions are 14.5 inches in diameter, and 4 inches tall.

Jewelry Box


Courtly Check Round Jewelry Box from Mackenzie-Childs


You’ve seen many jewelry boxes, but chances are you have seen one as special as this Courtly Check Round Jewelry Box from Mackenzie-Childs!

This marvelous jewelry box is perfect for someone who appreciates whimsical styling and color paired with practical purpose.



MacKenzie-Childs’ signature Courly Check pattern is printed onto linen-blend fabric, and accented with a multicolored beaded rosette and bright stripes.  

This stunning jewelry box measures 7 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall.

Italian Flavors

Tastefully Simple’s Simply Italian Ultimate Variety Bundle



This Simply Italian Ultimate Variety Bundle from Tastefully Simple makes an inspiring host or hostess gift for anyone who loves creating Italian dishes! 

Your generous hostess will enjoy experiencing the authentic flavors of Italy in her own home with these 6 easy-to-use products.

The Simply Italian Ultimate Variety Bundle includes:

  • Mama Mia Marinara Sauce Mix
  • Italian Garlic Seasoning
  • Roasted Garlic Infused Oil
  • Dried Tomato & Garlic Pesto Mix
  • Garlic Pepper Seasoning, and
  • Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena


These 6 Tastefully Simple products are free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and hydrogenated fats, and they’re all in recyclable packaging.

These authentic Old World flavors will make your hostess’ Italian meals molto delizioso!

For extra thoughtfulness, pair the Simply Italian Ultimate Variety Bundle with an Italian cookbook!  

And we happen to have a fantastic recommendation for such a book-  The Vatican Cookbook: Presented by the Pontifical Swiss Guard.


Italian Cookbook


The Vatican Cookbook – 500 Years of Classic Recipes, Papal Tributes and Exclusive Images of Life and Art at the Vatican


From the inside flap:

The Vatican Cookbook, presented by the Pontifical Swiss Guard reveals for the first time the favorite dishes and personal menus of Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, and St. John Paul II.

Enjoyed daily by Vatican dignitaries and guests from around the world, the more than 80 gourmet recipes included here range from the simple to the sublime, and from everyday staples to perfect meals for holiday feasts.

Many of these recipes have been served at Vatican tables for centuries, and represents some of the finest cuisine in all of Rome.

This one-of-a-kind book features over a hundred full-color photographs of these dishes, beautiful behind-the-scenes shots of daily life at the Vatican, dinner prayers and more, making this gorgeous cookbook nothing short of divine.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying the hospitality of a good friend or relative means we have people who care about us. 

Presenting your host or hostess with a well thought out gift that reflects your gratitude and good taste is well worth the effort.

Happy visiting!

Hey!  Thanks for dropping by …   

I’d love to hear your thoughts – really! 

Drop me a comment below!




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