Gorgeous Springtime Umbrellas (You Know You Need A New One!)


April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s Time For a Cute New Umbrella!


You need a new rain umbrella this spring (I know I do!), and it has to be fresh and fabulous

You’ve updated our wardrobe for the seasonal change, so it’s time to put away that dark, drab winter umbrella! 

There will still be rain, though, so you need something to keep you dry, protect you from UV rays, and look right for the season.

I’ve put together the best choices for umbrellas that look great and won’t let you down when the rain falls and the wind blows.


Best Rain Umbrellas For Spring and Summer


Marine Starfish Umbrella

HangWang Marine Starfish Umbrella


Take the beach house with you!  This charming marine-themed umbrella from HangWang is the perfect compact size to go anywhere.

When folded, it measures only 11″ in length – perfect for taking everywhere. Opened up, you get a full-sized 37.8 inch canopy.

This umbrella is coated in Teflon, to make it weatherproof and fast-drying.  It also blocks 95% of UV rays.

You’ll find this umbrella durable, with a strong metal frame for stability in high winds.  It also has an ergonomic, slip-proof, rubberized grip handle and wrist strap.

A protective sleeve is included.

Paris Street Rainy Day Print Umbrella


Paris Street Umbrella

This gorgeous auto-open stick umbrella from CTM features a printed canopy inspired by Gastave Caillebotte’s Paris Street.

With a wooden hook handle and pinch-proof runner, this stylish umbrella measure 35 inches in length, with an open arc of 48 inches across.

The reviews for this umbrella are excellent, and you’re sure to get compliments on this one!

Succulents Umbrella

Icyflower Succulents Umbrella


This stunning spring umbrella is firm enough to withstand 50+ mph wind!

It’s a compact and lightweight umbrella, with a 3-fold telescopic shaft, and measures only 28 cm long when folded. 

One touch quickly opens and closes this umbrella automatically. 

This Succulents Umbrella will be unique accessory, and evoke the lushness of spring.

Dog Themed Umbrella

“Dogs” Umbrella


This appealing Dogs Umbrella from SPNiao is a no-brainer for dog lovers!

… The one with the long fur looks like my Havenese, Millie!

Compact, yet with a full-sized 42 inch canopy when open, you can take this umbrella anywhere this spring, and know you’re covered no matter the weather.

This umbrella has a virtually indestructible weatherproof canopy that will survive super strong gusts of wind. Its fiberglass hinges are equipped with a fail-safe technology that will invert the canopy but will not cause the ribs to bend or break.

With a 3 fold telescopic shaft, this sweet umbrella collapses to only 12 inches in length, and comes with its own travel sleeve.

Anchor Umbrella

Anchor Umbrella


This fresh, marine-themed Anchor Umbrella from Mrmian will pair perfectly with your crisp red, white or blue spring clothes!

Made from a durable polyester pongee waterproof fabric, this snappy umbrella has your covered for rain, wind and sun.

It measures 24 inches in length, with a large open canopy of 42.5 inches.

Parrot and Flowers Umbrella

Parrot and Flowers Umbrella


This Parrot and Flowers Umbrella from InterestPrint is everything that winter isn’t: tropical, floral and lush!

Made of quality materials, it’s eight ribs are made from strong fiber for extra support.

This is a compact umbrella with an auto open and close system.

It measures 37.4 inches wide by 24.4 inches high, with a close length of 11.42 inches.

This one is so pretty!

Yoki Umbrellas


These are two unique umbrellas I like from Yoki.

They’re both made with 100%  Asian nano-textile, and are super waterproof.  They also protect you from the sun, with a UPF of 50+.

These compact, automatic umbrellas fold into only 11 inches long, and open into a 42.5 inch canopy.


Lip Print Love Umbrella


Yoki Love Umbrella


Magic Mermaid Scales Umbrella

Yoki Magic Mermaid Umbrella


Butterfly Themed Umbrella

Butterflies Umbrella


Put away your nondescript winter umbrella and whip out this stunning Butterflies umbrella by InterestPrint.

This is another lightweight, compact umbrella with a standard canopy size of 37.4 inches wide.

It’s a durable, waterproof and UV proof umbrella with just a hint of the dramatic.

It’s a durable, waterproof and UV proof umbrella with just a hint of the dramatic.

This umbrella is sure to catch everyone’s eye!

A matching protective sleeve is included.


Cherry Pattern Umbrella


Cherry Pattern Umbrella


This cheerful Cherry Pattern Umbrella from Mrmian is sure to lift your spirits during spring rain showers.

Both waterproof and UV protecting (UPF 50+), it features a durable pongee fabric and auto open and close.



Open, it measures 24 inches in length, with a large open canopy of 42.5 inches.

This umbrella will be a delight to carry!


Ocean Fish Umbrella

Oulian Fish Umbrella


Love the ocean and sea life?  Then this vibrant Oulian Fish Umbrella is a perfect fit!

This is a mini umbrella, only 11″ when folded, and ultra light to carry, yet opens to a large 37.8 inch canopy.

This umbrella  is treated with a layer of UV and water blocking coating (it blocks 95% of UV rays – always a plus for the skin!).

It features auto open and close, and comes with its own travel sleeve.

Four Leaf Clover Umbrella

Oulian Four Leaf Clover Umbrella


How about a little extra good luck?  This compact Four Leaf Clover Umbrella from Oulian is another take-anywhere umbrella with a full sized canopy.

With an automatic open and close and a special Teflon coating, this lovely umbrella is both waterproof and sun proof.

This umbrella as a strong, wind-resistant frame, an easy-carry rubberized handle, and it’s own travel sleeve.

Pink Pig Umbrella

HangWang Pink Pig Umbrella


This Pink Pig Umbrella from HangWang umbrella is too cute!  When you’re feeling a little whimsical, carry this adorable umbrella!

Mini sized and ultra light, this little sweetie measures only 11 inches in length, but opens to form a standard-sized 37.8 inch canopy.

Durable waterproofing and UV protectant coating covers the canopy cloth to give you protection from rain and sun.

It comes with it’s own travel sleeve, too.

Enchanted Cherry Blossom Umbrella


Enchanted Cherry Blossom Umbrella


This lovely Enchanted Cherry Blossom Umbrella from Beicihome is both beautiful and durable.

It features 10 fiberglass resin-reinforced stainless steel ribs and a high-density, anti-UV, waterproof fabric.

The pattern of this auto open and close umbrella is simply exquisite.  This gem will be a classy addition to your spring accessories!

It measure 13 inches long when closed, with an open canopy coverage diameter of 40.56 inches.

Citrus Umbrella

Citrus Umbrella


This sunny Orange and Lemon Umbrella from em1973 is perfect for spring and summer!

Made of premium fiberglass and high quality stainless steel, this lively umbrella won’t let you down.

It’s a compact 12 inches long when folded, and opens up into a large 42 inch canopy.

The rubberized handle is ergonomic, and the umbrella opens and closes easily with the touch of a button.

Spring Daisies Umbrella

Grunge Spring Flowers Umbrella


This is another stunner from InterestPrint … this umbrella features a super attractive daisy motif against a green and blue background.

The image is imprinted using heat sublimation, a technique which prevents discoloring.

This a compact, but strong umbrella with canopy size of 37.3″ wide.

It’s waterproof and windproof, and protects from UV rays.


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