How to Comfort Your Large Older Dog (Best Beds Ever!)


Cozy, Supportive Beds For Large Dogs


As the owner of a large, older dog, you’ve probably noticed some changes in their health and comfort level.  Does your senior canine have arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other chronic conditions which cause tiredness, aching joints and susceptibility to the cold? 

Replacing your companion’s old bed with one that’s more comfortable and orthopedic can make a big difference.

For a large, older dog, you need a bed that’s designed specifically to fully and comfortably support their joints, back and body. 

You’ll also need a bed that’s won’t flatten out under a heavier dog’s weight, and will supply uniform support without lumps or intents. 

Plus, you’ll likely appreciate a washable bed cover, and may also need a waterproof bed for accidents.

This article will feature the most comfortable and highly-rated beds for large, senior dogs, including orthopedic, heated, waterproof, and washable options, at a variety of price points.  I’ll explain why a particular bed might be right for your dog, and hopefully, get you on track to finding the one bed your dog needs for better sleep and rest.

Orthopedic Beds for Large, Older Dogs



Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Pillowtop Orthopedic Dog Bed from Harmony


This large Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed from the Harmony Manhattan Lofts Collection is perfect if your dog likes to stretch out in their sleep.  

The bottom layer of the bed is made of supportive orthopedic foam, while the pillow top provides soft, comfortable lounging.  

The lounger shape of this bed will allow your dog to find their most comfortable position on the softly textured sleep surface, without being constrained by a bolster.

This bed measures 29 x 39 inches, and purchasers say it can accommodate a dog up to 115 lbs.


One reviewer writes:

“I have said on a weekly basis since we bought this bed for our dog that this was the best money we ever spent. Our dog is older with hip and bone issues and he simply loves this bed. I do believe he is much more comfortable. It is well made and provides great support.”


To clean the bed, simply zip off the cover (the pillow is attached to the cover), and launder the cover/pillow in the washing machine

The durable cover is complimented with faux leather accents and handles, which your dog won’t notice, but makes this a nice looking bed to have in your home.

Waterproof Orthopedic Dog Bed

Brindle’s Orthopedic Dog Bed  – 4″ of support!


This 4″ Orthopedic Dog Bed from Brindle is comprised of 2 inches of comfort memory foam, and 2 inches of high-density support foam. 

The large 46 x 28 inch size is ideal for dogs up to 75 lbs.

If your dog is crate sleeper, this bed fits perfectly in the 48 x 31″ size crate.  Wherever you decide to put it, the non-skid bottom will help to keep the bed in place.


Brindle’s Orthopedic Bed provides 2 stage support.


There is a 100% waterproof encasement beneath the fabric cover to protect against accidents, and the soft velour cover zips off for machine washing (machine was on the gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low).

Reviews (there are over 1,000) are overwhelmingly good for this bed.  Purchasers say this bed is well made, and supports large, arthritic and injured dogs beautifully.


One verified purchaser shared this:

“Best pet bed I have ever bought. Bought this bed in gray over a year ago for our 8 year old large 95lb chocolate lab who was starting to deal with arthritis in his shoulders.

We had previously only bought “cheap” pet beds with white stuffing inside, and with the heavy weight of our dog, they would wear down flat within a year.

Within a few weeks of buying this bed, we saw an improvement in our dog’s stiff joints. He no longer limped in the morning after getting out of bed and his arthritis was greatly improved…”


Feel-good fact about the about the manufacturer: Brindle donates a pet bed to their local Humane Society every single day, so that every animal in the shelter sleeps on a Brindle bed (and takes the bed home with them when they get adopted).

Large Bolster Dog Bed

Better World Pets’ Bolster Dog Bed


For dogs that like to lean or curl up as they sleep, the Super Comfort Bolster Dog Bed from Better World Pets is a smart choice. 

This bed’s entire 5″ mattress is comprised of premium solid memory foam, while the the bolsters are stuffed with shredded memory foam for flexible comfort. 

The largest size accommodates dogs 60-100 lbs.

This is a very durable bed, made with a tough canvas cover, a thick Sherpa fleece mattress pad, and 100% waterproof inner liner. 

Plus, the non-skid bottom will help to keep the bed from sliding around on your floor.

You can remove the cover for machine washing by unzipping the rugged hidden zipper.

The reviews for this bed are outstanding– nearly a perfect rating.


One happy purchaser put it succinctly:

“This is, in my view, the best-made dog bed we have ever had. My 78-pound pitbull loves it. Fact is, he liked it so much that we purchased a second one. So our dog now can choose between the family room and the bedroom to nap or sleep.

You may not believe this, but our dog has not gotten on the couch since the first new bed arrived! He prefers his beds!”


The manufacturer also offers a full 1 year warranty, and refund if you’re unhappy for any reason.

Feel-good fact about the manufacturer:  10% of their profits are donated to the Humane Society.

Extra Large, Supportive Dog Bed

Jumbo Orthopedic Bed from Dogbed4less


For an extra large dog, you need an extra large bed, and this Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed from Dogbed4less fits the bill! 

The jumbo size measures 55 x 47 inches, with a 4″ thick memory foam mattress.

The hypoallergenic memory foam, provides a solid 3.2 lb of high-density support, and won’t flatten under your large dog! 

The supportive orthopedic foam is covered by two external covers: 

  • an internal zippered waterproof cover, and
  • a durable, washable denim cover with a strong, gusset-stitched zipper

The heavy duty denim cover is machine wash- and dryable, and features extra stitching to prolong the life of the bed.  It also has an anti-skid bottom, so it’ll stay where you place it.

Reviews for this bed are excellent, with owners appreciating the size, high quality memory foam and two external covers.


One satisfied owner of an arthritic  95 lb German Shepherd advised:

“Great product, love the fact it came with 2 covers. The foam is just the right thickness for dogs with ortho problems. Any thicker and they would have trouble stepping up onto it.

Used it for a 95 lb. GSD with bad back legs and he really did well on it. It was a Godsend when he had surgery and needed a near zero pressure place to lay during recovery. The foam never took a set and springs back every time.

The inner cover repelled any excretions and never retained any odors. The outer covers held up well to machine washing ( eco warm setting, gentle cycle) and line drying.

You might want to avoid any tumble drying with heat as it knocks off the ant-skid feet on the cover. Line drying is better for long term durability. Zip the covers shut before washing to avoid damage to the zippers.

It’s a quality product well worth the investment. The cheap dog beds from the big-box stores last about a year before they’re junk. This one should last many years with proper care.”

Machine Washable, Soft Bolster Bed

BarksBar Large Orthopedic Sleeper


This Large Orthopedic Sleeper from BarksBar can easily hold a 36″ long, 100+ lb dog. 

It’s made of high quality, human-grade, grooved orthopedic foam, with cotton-padded bolsters to support you dog’s neck and head.

The quilted grey cover is machine washable, and the bottom has a non-slip rubber backing to avoid sliding on the floor. 

This bed provides soft, supportive comfort for an older dog who likes to cozy up in plenty of cushioning.

There are over 2,600 reviews, and purchasers love this bed!  Many reviewers have posted photos of their big dogs lying in it (so cute!). 


An owner of a couple of Boxers reported:

“I purchased this bed because I rescue Boxers. They are in desperate need of a great cushioned bed due to the conditions they had in their past life. It is awesome!!

The orthopedic insert is thick and provides so much support for them. The high sides gives them a place to snuggle in and lean against, it gives them a safe place to be.

It has not broken down, despite their weight of 60+ lbs. I have already washed the removal cover, & it goes back on perfectly.

I would highly recommend this bed. I have a different one, that cost more, and it is already broken down. Thumbs Up for this!!!!”

Thick Memory Foam Dog Bed

XXL Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed


Another great choice for your large dog, this Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed from The Dog’s Balls (I kid you not) will provide your dog with 6 inches of support on high-density memory foam! 

It’s available in a variety of sizes, with the XXL measuring 54 x 36 inches.

Both the cover and the waterproof inner liner can be machine washed, and replacement covers are available. 

One purchaser said the cover was not as heavy duty as he wished, and another thought it might not be soft enough, but overall, the (over 440) reviews are very positive. 

Tip:  I always line the top of my dogs’ beds with a blanket or towel; it’s an easy way to keep the bed’s sleeping surface fresh and protected.


An owner of two dogs reported:

“Our dogs love these beds. We bought one (XXL) for our larger blonde lab/husky mix and every time she goes in the bedroom to go to bed, our smaller black lab is sleeping on it! When she does get to sleep on it, should she get off for any reason, the black lab sneaks onto it. He has a really nice bed but it’s a bit smaller because he’s smaller.

It was bothering me to see this going on all the time so I gave in and ordered another XXL The Dog’s Bed.

I highly recommend this bed to anyone with a dog. I’ve bought about 4 different kinds of beds for our two dogs and The Dog’s Bed is by far the best. We are very happy with the bed AND the seller.”

Orthopedic, Hypoallergenic Dog Bed

Orthopedic Bolster Bed from Bully Beds


If your dog alternates between wanting neck support, and sprawling stretched out when sleeping, this Orthopedic Bolster Bed from Bully Dogs does double duty! 

The bolster on one side provides the perfect place for your dog to rest his head or neck, but the remaining three sides of the bed are open, to allow for maximum stretch.

This bed is a whopping 7″ thick, comprised of:

  • 2.5″ of 4.5 lb memory foam top 
  • a 4.5″ of 2 lb support foam base. 

The X-Large size measures 52” L x 34” W.

It’s covered with a durable, washable (soft microfiber) cover, with a waterproof liner. 

Bully Dogs offers a 10 year no-flatten warranty: the bed will maintain its shape, and not flatten for 10 years (if it flattens for than 1 inch in 10 years, it will be replaced). 


A satisfied 110lb lab owner said:

“… My lab has had surgery on both shoulders and both knees. I found him spending more time lying on the carpet next to his oversized lofty bed.

My pet is 110 lbs and I purchased the large. It is perfectly sized and the color is neutral.

I like to test the thickness of the best that I buy him by dropping to my knees on it. This is the first one that I did not feel the floor under my knees! With a 10 year warranty you can’t go wrong.”

Heating Pad for Cold Dogs

Pet Warming Mat from Riogoo



If your dog has aches and feels the cold more than they used to, consider this Waterproof Adjustable Warming Mat from Riogoo

This durable heating pad is covered in Oxford fabric and waterproof material for easy care, wipe-off cleaning.

You can cover this pad with light blanket for even easier care, and place it in your dog’s bed for deep, warm comfort. 

The large size is 28 x 17 inches, so it won’t cover your large dog’s entire sleeping area, but that really isn’t necessary; if you place it in the middle of their bed, it will provide plenty of added warmth for a cozy sleep. 

The Riogoo Warming Mat is a bestseller, and overall, the reviews are very good.


One owner of three dogs said:

“Terrific for old dogs who live in houses with cold floors and can no longer climb up on the couch. I put this on the floor in front of my glass doors and all three dogs love to lie there and watch naughty squirrels in the yard.

When I found urine on the pad, I used paper towels to completely dry the spot. This is an easy and wonderful item for people who have dogs.”


An owner of an arthritic dog reports:

“I got this for my dog because we live in an old home and turn the thermostat down to 59 at night. Our dog always ends up on our bed at night for warmth. I got this for her to keep her warm and cozy and keep her sleeping on her own bed at night and it totally worked!

High gets really hot so I mostly keep it on low and she loves it. she likes heat and has some arthritis in her knees so i think this makes her warm and cozy.”

Waterproof Dog Blanket

Pawsse Waterproof Sherpa Fleece Dog Blanket


For an extra layer of soft, comforting warmth, pick up this Pawsse Waterproof Dog Blanket

This large 80″ x 60″ is perfect for your dog’s bed, or to cover any area where they tend to lounge or sleep (it’s also available in a smaller, 60″ x 50″ size).

The durable, machine washable micro fleece side of the blanket is a waterproof fabric, while the Sherpa fleece side of the blanket provides maximum warmth and well-being.

This reversible blanket provides excellent warmth and protection for your dog’s bed, or anywhere your dog sleeps, including your bed, doggie’s favorite chair, or the couch.


Soft, waterproof protection for anywhere doggie sleeps!



One reviewer contributed:

“I have a dog on a diuretic. She is occasionally incontinent and has wet on her beds as well as mine. I bought 2 of the smaller blankets for her beds and one large for mine.

No more getting into bed at night and realizing I need to change my entire bed. Much easier to pull a blanket off her bed to wash than peel the cover off, dry and deodorize padding then stuff back into cover.

Tag says hand wash but I’ve washed them in the machine and dried on low. It hasn’t seemed to affect the quality of waterproofing. Will probably order more.”

Soft, Durable Washable Dog Blanket


Deluxe Dog Blanket from Friends Forever


If you don’t require a waterproof blanket, and just want something super soft, durable and warm, this Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket might be a better choice. 

This 50″ x 41″ blanket is 100% polyester micro plush (the manufacturer calls it crystal velvet) and it’s pill-resistant. 

This reliable blanket is made of dense fibers, and will last through many regular machine washings and drying without looking worn.

This is a reversible blanket, with a different color on each side

This Friends Forever Blanket has very high ratings, and it’s reasonably priced.


One happy reviewer shared:

“Good durable blanket. I lay mine over my dogs bed to pretty much eliminate the need to wash the bed which is problematic to say the least.

The blanket washes well and does not pill at all which is a huge plus. My dogs hair does stick to it slightly but with a good solid shake outside it comes right off.

My dog seems happy with purchase. Oh and it’s super soft.


Final Thoughts

I hope the suggestions in this article have inspired you to find a supportive and comfortable bed for your canine companion. 

Let me know what you think!

You’ll sleep better knowing they’re sleeping better!

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