What to Buy For The Home Bartender

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For The Home Bartender


Home bartenders are good friends to have. 

They’re fun, hospitable and can set you up with a terrific cocktail, glass of wine, or spirits as you relax on their bar stool or comfy couch.

Whether the recipient owns a simple bar cart, a roomier liquor cabinet, or a full-fledged bar, these gifts are sure to be appreciated and used. 

Perfect for Christmas, housewarming or anytime, these home bartender gifts will ensure you get invited over for drinks more often.


 Cocktail Rimming Salts


cocktail salt rimmer collection


This Exotic Cocktail Salt Collection from Caravel Gourmet will take any bartender’s drinks to the next level.  Bartenders use these salts to enhance the look and flavor of drinks like Margaritas, Bloody Mary Mixes and Martinis.

They can also add all-natural delicious flavor to cooking, too.

The set includes 5 exotic salts:

  • Margarita,
  • Margarita Lime
  • Habanero Heat
  • Himalayan Pink Lady
  • Smoked Bacon

These salts have no preservatives, and are naturally gluten free, MSG free, non-GMO, dairy free, and soy free, with zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat and no anti-caking agents.

Cocktail Rimmer

This Glass Rimmer by Tezzorio Bar Supplies is a must for any bar! 

This Salt and Sugar Glass Rimmer provides a convenient all-in-one tool for your drinks, especially Margaritas, Bloody Marys and Gimlets (gin cocktails).



Three compartments help to keep ingredients separated, and labeled trays help avoid cross contamination.  It also includes a durable sponge for holding citrus juice.

It collapses into a compact design for easy storage.

This glass rimmer works with a maximum glass diameter of 5½”, and measures 7¾” x 6″ x 2¾”.

It collapses into a compact design for easy storage.

Colorful Shot Glasses


Mexican tequila glass shot glasses mulitcolor


These unique hand blown Mexican Glass Shots showcase an intricate blend of tradition and cutting-edge design that any bartender will be proud to display.

This 6-piece class set is sturdy, easy care and dishwasher safe. 

Wine Preservation System

wine preservation system

All Natural Wine Preserver

The Sello Wine Preservation System keeps wine tasting great by reducing oxygen, moisture, temperature, and light.

These are the same factors that eventually cause spoilage in all foods and beverages.

It’s the method of reduction that makes the device so innovative. Sello is a wine preserver and dripless wine pourer in one sleek design, which offers many advantages to competing products.


Sello is a wine preserver and dripless wine pourer in one sleek design


Sello regulates oxygen and moisture levels inside the wine bottle to maintain its essence. The wine is then placed in any ordinary household refrigerator to govern temperature and light.

This system effectively manages all aspects that influence the original personality of a wine. The Sello Wine Preserver effectively maintains the original tastes and aromas of wine as intended by the winemaker.


Sello effectively maintains the original tastes and aromas of wine as intended by the winemaker.



Wine Preserver Cartridges

Sello cartridges use natural elements to reduce both oxygen and moisture in a continuous manner.

It’s the active packaging design that makes the product unique. Wine maintains its original taste and aroma the longest by this mechanism of control.

Sello is the best wine saver available to maintain the characteristics of wine infused into grapes from the Earth.

Whiskey Chilling Stones

set of whiskey chilling stones
These Chilling Stones make a gorgeous gift!


This R.O.C.K.S. Set of Whiskey Chilling Stones includes 6 handcrafted premium FDA safe granite round stones in a hardwood presentation and storage tray.

The fast-cooling non-diluting stones cool fine spirits perfectly, without watering down the drink.  And unlike square-shaped stones, these round stones wont scratch the whiskey glasses.

Each of these eco-friendly sipping rocks has a different color, and are easy to wash.

The stones measure 1.37 inches in diameter by 0.78 inches thick.


A Great Bartender Book

The Art of Mixology cocktail book for bartenders
Over 200 recipes for every drinking occasion!


The Art of Mixology is a comprehensive collection of both classic and contemporary recipes. 

You’ll find an informative introduction packed with all the essential knowledge any experienced or novice mixologist could ever need and over 200 recipes to suit every occasion.

The drinks are grouped within sections on Gin & Vodka; Rum, Whiskies, and Brandy; Bubbles; Something Different; and Mocktails, and the drinks range from a Singapore Sling, a Buck’s Fizz, and a Cosmopolitan to a Highland Fling, a Brandy Julep, and a Baby Bellini.

wine education book
Learn to be a wine snob!


Windows on the World Complete Wine Course author Kevin Zraly, America’s ultimate wine educator, demystifies every aspect of choosing, tasting, and enjoying wine.

From the renowned reds of Bordeaux and California to the trail-blazing whites of Washington State and New Zealand, this essential volume features maps of each region, lush photographs, a wealth of infographics, best value bottles for each country, hundreds of labels to help you find the right wines, and guided tastings.

It also includes the latest vintages to savor, comprehensive notes on food pairings, and answers to frequently asked questions.

This revised and expanded edition features new classes on South America, Australia, and New Zealand, sparkling wine, and fortified wine as well as information on cutting-edge trends (rosé, Prosecco) and emerging wine regions, including Sicily and China.

The Windows on the World Complete Wine Course provides all the tools needed to discover and enjoy the best wines.

Fancy Snack Bowls for the Bar

rustic aluminum antler tiered snack bowl set
Snack bowls for the man’s man!


What’s a bar without snacks?  This is something the bar host might not have yet:  snack serving bowls worthy of  sharing the bar with great friends and cool drinks!

This unique Antler Tiered 3-Bowl Set from Arthur Court Designs measure 14″ across and 7″ high.

It features premium signature aluminum alloy which complies with FDA regulations.  This set can be chilled in the freezer or refrigerator or warmed in the oven to 350°.

It comes ready to give in a gift box, and is sure to appreciated and displayed on the recipients bar.

Hand wash this set.

Cocktail Bitters Bottles


bitters botte bar set

This handsome Luigi Bormiole Mixology Set provides the perfect storing solution for a wide range of bitters. 

It’s ideal for mixing drinks and making traditional or innovative cocktails.


Bitters bottles make even the novice bartender look professional!


This set is made in Italy and includes:

  • 1 Elixir Dash Bottle No.1 3.5 oz Measures 2.2” DIA  x  5.4” H
  • 1 Elixir Dash Bottle No.2 3.5 oz Measures 2” DIA  x  5.4” H
  • 1 Elixir Dash Bottle No.3 3.5 oz Measures 1.5” x  3” DIA  x 6” H
  • 1 Mixing Glass 23.84 oz Measures 4.5” DIA x 5.6” H
  • 1 Authentica Bottle with Silicone Stainless Pourer 17 oz Measures 2.7” DIA  x  12.2” H

Ice Ball Mold


ice sphere mold
You’ll never look at regular ice cubes the same way!


Devotees of smooth and distinct fine beverages know that quality takes time and should be enjoyed slowly.

The best spirits and beverages should be savored in their pure state, not sabotaged by the wrong type of ice from standard ice cube trays and ice makers.

That’s where the Ice Cubist Ice Ball Maker comes in …

The right type of ice is crystal clear, not clouded with odd tastes and freezer odors caused by excess oxygen, bubbles and impurities from stock ice makers.

Clear ice melts slowly, and does not break apart readily, allowing the liquid surrounding it to chill with minimal change to its texture and taste. The chill should be as long lasting as the purity of your preferred drink or spirit.

The right shape of ice is round. An ice sphere has less melt-prone surface area than an ice cube from cube trays. A clear ball of ice provides greater integrity and resistance to melting, while providing enough quality chill to last through a second pour.

Whether your preferred drink is clear or a particular tint of amber, or something altogether different, you appreciate its appearance. For you, the aesthetic is as enticing as the aroma and taste; the contribution made by ice to your drink should be felt and not seen or tasted. The perfect ice has the clarity of a diamond and the shape of a sphere.

Dispense with the standard ice cube trays and ice makers that do not freeze the ice unilaterally, making for cloudy, brittle ice.

The Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker makes 2 perfect ice balls at a time, and is dishwasher safe.

Whiskey Decanter Set

Etched glass whiskey decanter globe set
A handsome sophisticated set for a man with the same characteristics!


This gorgeous Flybold Globe Decanter Set features a world etched 28 oz/850 ml globe decanter with a custom designed ship, a mahogany finished tray with elegant golden handles, and 4 globe etched glasses.  It also includes a metal pour funnel and a glass stopper.

This set is not only functional, but it’s also a piece of art and a wonderful conversation piece.

The decanter is a handblown masterpiece with detailed etching of a ship on the inside.  Take a trip around the world as you rotate the glove on its axis.

This is a truly stunning set, with fantastic reviews!

Wine Chiller Sticks

wine chiller stick gift set
Ditch the old fashioned ice bucket – chiller sticks are a thing!


Constructed out of high quality 304 stainless steel and filled with a food-grade, nontoxic chilling liquid, Aficionado Wine Chiller Sticks are a great choice for chilling wine.

The chiller rods will revolutionize the wine drinking experience by allowing wine to be enjoyed without the use of a bulky ice bucket which drips all over your dinner table and ruining the labels of your expensive wine bottles.

The built-in aerator is must-have for any wine enthusiast, aerating the wine to perfection, for full-body flavor. And the built-in wine stopper preserves any leftover wine with an air tight seal.

They’re simple to use:

  • Ensure chiller sticks are clean.
  • Dry the chiller sticks and place in freezer for 3 hours.
  • Pour a small amount of wine into your glass and then insert the chiller stick into the bottle of wine and enjoy.

This set also includes a bonus of 4 silicone drink markers.

Margarita Glasses

These glasses make drinking Margaritas even more fun!


These Hand Blown “Confetti” Margarita Glasses by NOVICA are handmade by artisans, and feature colorful accents in bright confetti colors.

The set of six is handcrafted by Javier and Efren, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over more than thirty years. Endlessly versatile, they do double duty at dessert time for sherbet, custard, or gelatin.

The reviews are superb for this glass set.  Give these glasses with the glass rimmer and rimming salts shown up top for a true cocktail-themed gift!

Bartender Kit

bartender took kit gift set
Be a professional bartender … or look just like one!


A bartender kit is an obvious choice for a home bartender, and if you give one as a gift, make sure it’s an exquisite high quality set like this Mixology 11-Piece Bartender Tool Set.

This set contains everything a home bartender needs, and includes serious quality bar tools, which are all dishwasher-safe.

This first class bartender set contains heavy duty, high-grade, rustproof tools displayed in a hand-crafted, rustic-syle wooden crate, designed to keep the barware tools scratch-safe and organized.



  • Rustproof 24 oz cocktail shaker – Premium SST grade. Including a built-in strainer and a top sealing shaker cap.
  • 2x Double sided Jigger – ½ / 1 oz (15/30 ml) and 1 / 1-⅔ oz (30/50 ml) with imperial and metric markings.
  • Mojito Muddler
  • Mixing spoon
  • Hawthorne strainer
  • 2x Liquor Pourers
  • Ice tongs
  • Double lever corkscrew – Easy to use – The two step lever action makes withdrawing the cork from the bottle easy.
  • Rustic wood stand – to hold all of the bar tools neatly
  • Rustic rope  – to wall mount the rustic box



The reviews on this set are outstanding – you simply cannot go wrong with the quality of this choice.

Martini Glasses and Champagne Flutes


glamorous bling martini glass and champagne flute
Glasses for the bling lover!


These Glam Blue V-shaped Martini glasses and Champagne Flutes from the Abbott Collection are all blinged out!

The martini glass measure 5″ high and hold 10 oz; the flute measure 7″ high and holds 7 oz.

Hand washing is recommended for these beauties, which are also available in pink.

Novelty Cocktail Napkins


humorous vintage cocktail napkins
These are a great novelty add-on to your gift!


This set of humorous cocktail napkins is sure to get a chuckle from your recipient. 

It’s the perfect add-on gift for the home bartender, and comes in a plastic box (perfect for gift-giving).

The package includes 40 novelty 3-ply cocktail napkins, measuring 5″ x 5″.



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